Happy Clients


“Colleen was highly recommended by my financial advisor. She was extremely thorough. Colleen works very hard and communicates with great grace and determination. She handled every problem with obvious knowledge and experience. My confidence in Colleen’s pursuit o f my interests made is all a breeze for me! Colleen was exceptionally attentive to details that I would never even have thought about.”

-Helen & Eugene Keane


Colleen was detailed and thorough. She didn’t miss one critical point. The depth of her knowledge was impressive. Colleen handled everything quickly and efficiently and gracefully.

-Andrew & Anne Heller


Colleen is exceptionally knowledgeable about the Santa Barbara real estate market. She always goes above and beyond to care for her clients. Colleen Is extremely detail oriented and takes care of all the details to make sure your transaction seems seamless.

-Julia Parent


“In 35 years of doing this – I don’t think I’ve ever worked with an agent who was on top of things as you have been. It’s been a genuine pleasure working with you on this project.”

-Michael J. Crum, M.A., CFP


“Colleen is a fantastic real estate agent! She just helped me purchase my first home and I couldn't have been happier with her. She was very professional and knowledgeable with the Santa Barbara markets. She has a lot of experience which was extremely helpful for a new home buyer like myself. I highly recommend her to anyone interested.”

-Nick W.

“My sale was further complicated by mold and radon abatement situations. Colleen’s legal background was very helpful. I was kept thoroughly informed throughout the year it took to complete my sale.”

-George Eaglton

“We chose Colleen because of the excellent reputation as a lawyer and real estate agent; two in one, you could say. She explained the real estate process better and clearer than any other agent I’ve employed.”

-Jane Radin Eaglton


"Colleen is a dream to work with. She is smart, gracious, knowledgeable and hardworking. Her experience shows through at every step: from marketing, to repairs, to executing the buy/sale. Colleen is a long time agent in Santa Barbara and is well respected by other agents, escrow officers and vendors. She was invaluable in the recent sale of my home. Once in escrow, Colleen worked diligently with the buyer’s agent, the escrow company, the repairmen and the HOA. She made the sale very easy for me."

-Janet Laughlin


“It was a pleasure working with Colleen. Colleen is incredibly professional and personable –absolutely the BEST!”

-Joyce Wilson


“It has been educational and a pleasure to work with Colleen during the process of selling a house in Santa Barbara. She is extremely professional and has guided us through many problems, avoiding the pitfalls. Just as important, Colleen is so courteous and friendly. We incurred several problems during the project, but she always came up with sound solutions. When we are involved in another real estate situation, we'll certainly want Colleen Beall on our side. She's the 'real' deal."

-Bob and Larry Frezon


“Colleen was calm and professional throughout the entire process despite some difficult stumbling blocks. She as very responsive to our calls”

-Angel & Frankie Martinez


EXCELLENT, Professional, knowledgeable and just overall great person. Highly highly recommend Colleen Beall to anyone purchasing or selling their residence in the Santa Barbara county. We wouldn't have been able to sell and purchase as quickly and favorably as we did if it weren't for Colleen.

- C & S


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